Edu Game or Brain Racer is a math game aimed at children. Dalanm math game elements wrapped with running races, where the player is required to compete in order to quickly answer the question jagoanya runner to win the match


In this game players are required to enter the name of the runners who will be jagoanya. There are 18 stages to choose from with a different folder, 6-accretion stage contains about subtraction, multiplication stage 6, stage 6 division. Each stage will menselesaikan 1 player will get a score of the game running, the percentage correct and the speed in answering questions. Disubmit and scores can be ranked player online and can compete to be the best every day, week, month or all time. Brain Racer Gameplay

Brain Racer Gameplay


Daily 4th Place at 4th daily BrainRacer Newgrounds

4th daily BrainRacer Newgrounds

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Said they

This game got good reviews on Newgrounds, including:

The other math game of the day Irritated me. This made me feel like I was doing something aside from a game for kindergartners. Made me want to do math and not be Irritated

Good show old chap. Making math fun again :)

A fun little game. Some great graphics and interesting idea. Nice sound effects and soundtrack too

cool math game!

Getting older, I find myself relying too much on Calculators and computers to do my math for me. Even took a statistics class where They wanted you to do all of your work via calculator (where as growing up I was always of toll "show your work"). Sometimes I find myself strugging to remember simple multiplications, and I've always cheated with some simple Addition / subtraction by counting instead of remembering answers. This was a good / fun way to sharpen the skills. I remember growing up that it was a trudge learning the multiplication tables. I Hated it. But if They made a game out of it like this, it would have been better. Things like these kids need. They're willing to learn if you make it fun. They will do what it takes to get an edge in a edu game

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