Gemscool is the first online games site in Indonesia. Member Games currently provides several online games like Point Blank Indonesia, Yulgang, Atlantica, Lost Saga, Mako, Freestyle etc.. The first step to playing games that are there we must first register via the link Register, after the successful listing we are only able to access some of the games through Login form.

Maybe the problem is internet connection because not all players can play games Register if there is no internet networks, there is a speedy or other wear and not a few who use the internet connection is free like free Telkomsel or Indosat to play it.

Besides being a portal gemscool also has a community forum whose function is to provide the latest news or to share the address at the forum, there we can get information about games that exist and can provide feedback, criticism or report against a player or Cheaters are often disturbing.

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