The heart is the organ that is essential for humans, because it plays to the heart to pump blood to flow throughout the body. That the heart pumped blood to bring berbgai substances needed for the body's cells alive, so that its existence is vital. However, the human heart is not always healthy, there are some people who suffer from heart disease is the No.1 killer disease.

point blank Heart disease is no couple of types, there is coronary heart disease, leaking heart, weak heart, and so on. Take just one example: Leaky heart, if people have experienced this, you can bet he needs a lot of blood transfusion and immediate heart surgery. However, if the leak had severe heart to do a heart transplant. Heart transplant is not easy, even a very small degree keberhasilanny coupled with the heart that is used to replace it.

Jantung Portable health is a field of engineering to solve problems and limitations of the unavailability of the heart for a heart transplant candidates. Portable heart can be considered a substitute for damaged human heart. Well, would be a solution to portable heart transplant?

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