ShacklesShackles of Indonesia is one of the novel by Armijn Pane. Inspired by Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, this novel tells the love triangle between a doctor, his wife, and his friend love triangle is finally making all of them lost their most beloved. First published by the literary magazine Poedjangga Baroe in three sections from April to June 1940, Shackle is the only novel published in the magazine's and Indonesia's first psychological novel.

gemscool and Shackle the basics of the story is a form of short stories written in the two previous Armijn, the "Things Worth Nothing" (1935) and "Lost" (1936). The resulting novel, written to reflect the flow of the human mind and by using ellipsis marks and monologue to realize the inner conflict is very different than previous works. Indonesia compared to the previous literature, which is limited to traditional themes such as "good against evil", Shackle put figures psychic conflict. This novel also suggests that the nature of modern and traditional is actually the opposite.

gemscool Upon completion, the shackles are offered to Central Library, the official publisher of the Dutch East Indies, in 1938. However, the book is dismissed as immoral. The novel was later taken by Poedjangga Baroe. At first, the acceptance by the community is quite diverse shackles. Assume that the parties who supported this novel truly reflect the intellectual conflicts faced by Indonesia, which refused to assume that while the novel is pornographic because figures include prostitutes and infidelity theme. Now more positive responses, with the writer Muhammad Balfas called it "the best novel of Indonesia before the war of independence". Shackles are translated in various languages​​, including English.

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